Undergraduate Degree in Tourism

Tourism is the commercial organisation and operation of holidays and visits to places of interest either inside your country or abroad. It is the action of visiting another country for leisure, family, or business. It also encompasses all of the people and communities whose livelihoods depend on the sector.

Our Degree in Tourism teaches students all the basic concepts needed to understand the phenomenon of tourism, and all the skills necessary to offer excellent tourism services, including business management, promotion and marketing strategies, commercialisation, and tourism planning. On the course, we strive to enable our students to develop as highly-qualified professionals in the tourism sector, either working directly in it or analysing it.

Our teaching staff are highly motivated and have a great deal of experience teaching and researching in the discipline. Our students can also enjoy all the language learning and tourism related resources found in our library. Studying tourism in the city of Granada also offers the students an insightful, first-hand opportunity to understand the sector. Granada is a vibrant and booming tourist destination, with many world renowned landmarks. It is home to the Alhambra palace, the immense Moorish palace, which is currently the most visited monument in Spain and is a UNECSO world-heritage site.

This four-year degree has four learning stages: basic subjects, core subjects, a compulsory 12-credit internship programme and elective subjects. The internship programme can be completed in different companies and will be done during the fourth year. Subjects include contents in areas of knowledge such as French or German, English, economics, business management, marketing, law, history, art, economic policies, geography, and company planning.

Our graduates are highly qualified to work in any part of the tourism sector. For example, in business management, as lodging providers, cultural guides, in public administration and planning, training new tourism agents, and so on. Few fields are as dynamic and exciting as tourism, as graduates can choose to work both in the public or the private sector working on a great variety of different tasks.

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. It encompasses many kinds of activities: from mass tourism, to seaside holiday resorts, and rural and eco-friendly tourism, which seeks to maintain the environment through a more responsible use of natural resources. The opportunities are endless, and experts in tourism have all the tools to make the most of these opportunities, creating novel and enjoyable experiences for people all across the world.

ECTS Credits 240
Duration 4 academic years (September/October to June each year approximately)
Start Date Autumn
Language Spanish
Tuition Fees €757 (approximately)
Application Period June – September (approximately)
Offered by Vice-Rector’s Office for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching
How to apply Please visit the Applications and Admissions Section