Career support & employment

Career support & employment


At the UGR we are thoroughly committed to helping you improve your employment prospects and providing you with key employment support services. We are also strongly committed to forging lasting ties between our institution, society, and local and regional economies, acting as intermediaries between all stakeholders involved.

The University itself is the biggest local employer, accounting for 3.3% of all employment. Over the past number of years, the UGR has created over 79 spin-off companies - a clear indication of its innovative entrepreneurial role, both nationally and internationally.


Employment and Work Placement Office

The Employment and Work Placement Office’s primary objective is to facilitate our graduates’ insertion into national and international labour markets. At an internal level we provide services to students, graduates, researchers, and teaching staff. Our external stakeholders are public bodies, companies, and local and national employers.

In order to achieve this aim we provide employment support services during and after your time at the UGR, ensuring you acquire the skills needed to prosper in today’s globalized labour market.


Our services:

Our services are extensive — we provide career advice, information regarding both public and private sector employment opportunities, international mobility opportunities and job offers, and run practical workshops, conferences, forums and interview simulation sessions so that you can practice your interview skills (available in person and online).

The Ícaro platform is used by all 10 Andalusian universities, as well as the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the Autonomous University of Madrid, placing those seeking internships in contact with the companies, organisations and bodies offering them.

On the UGR Empleo 2.0 website, you can also subscribe to receive emails notifying you of job offers, mobility opportunities, and internships, tailored to meet your specific needs and personal areas of interest.

We also continuously upload new employment opportunities to our social media accounts.

To view current job offers in Granada, Spain, and abroad, Erasmus+ internship opportunities, and a wealth of materials designed to help you improve your job-hunting and interview skills, visit the following websites:


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The Employment and Work Placement Office

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Phone (Mon - Frid, 9:00-14:00) + 34 958 24 80 84
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