Where to live?

Granada is a city where thousands of students live. the University of Granada has an Accommodation Management Office that will offer you various alternatives: high schools, university residences, student flats, accommodation with elderly people and hostels or boarding houses.

  • Accommodation Management Office

  • Schedule: Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 14.00

  • C/ Doctor Severo Ochoa s/n, 18071

  • Phone.: 958 244 072 -

  • E-Mail: alojamiento@ugr.es

  • Website: https://alojamiento.ugr.es

Views of the Alhambra from Carmen de la Victoria
Views of the Alhambra from Carmen de la Victoria

Carmen de la Victoria is a guest residence.

It is located on the Albayzín hill, a place where there are Carmenes since the Arab period. Its shape was established at the end of the 19th century, when the primitive Carmen de la Victoria, known as Carmen Olivarillo, and Carmen Percal, on both sides of the Arab wall of the Cuesta del Chapiz, were unified.

Carmenes are typical estates of the historic quarters of Granada, heirs of the orchards of delight that had the Arabs Granada in the contours of the city. Today they are home gardens that maintain an old tradition of pleasurable retirement for their owners.

Courtyard of La Corrala de Santiago
Courtyard of La Corrala de Santiago

La Corrala de Santiago is arranged around a central courtyard which is accessed from the exterior by an elongated hallway over which limestone pillars are raised supporting three galleries, of which the two upper ones are topped by wooden balustrades. One of its most significant characteristics is the abundance of footings, some of which are happily rescued from other buildings, which supply the mere functional object of ornamental beauty.