Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer

Effective partnerships

The UGR has a longstanding commitment to partnerships of different kinds, fostering the establishment of links with a wide range of institutions and companies. Partnerships with companies, public administrations and third-sector organisations offer opportunities for joint research and innovation activities, staff and student mobility periods, and work experience and internships, thereby ensuring the societal relevance of our educational programmes.

Local and regional engagement

A very important role of the UGR, as we say in our strategic plan, is “Shared commitment to shared development”. We believe in the concept of eco-innovation systems led by the University, and understand the University as a key agent of knowledge connected with our territory.

The University of Granada is already the Spanish university with the greatest impact on its local environment measured in terms of provincial GDP. The province of Granada accounts for 2.5% of Spain in surface area, almost 2% of the population and 1.4% of the national GDP, however; the University of Granada accounts for approximately 4% of all scientific production in Spain. The economic impact of the University is estimated at 6.12% of the province’s GDP. 

After only the universities of the large cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, the University is the top institution in terms of scientific production, in a context which is very different to that of the large cities and with much fewer resources; this makes the University of Granada one of the most efficient and effective universities in Spain. This, in turn, also explains why the University is so enormously important in its local context and the huge potential it houses for the future development of the province and surrounding region.