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Unrivalled Language Learning Opportunities at CLM

The Modern Languages Centre is one of the leading institutions in Spain for language learning. Teaching staff are highly qualified, the administrative team is dedicated and effective, and the centre boasts a wide range of services, a wealth of learning resources, and endless extracurricular activities. Here at the Centre we employ a thoroughly communicative approach, ensuring that students learn Spanish in real life situations. The centre offers general Spanish language Courses for foreign students, academic Spanish courses, and foreign language courses in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Catalan, Romanian and Swedish.

All courses at CLM comply with the content description set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Approximately 8,000 university and non-university students sign up for language courses at CLM every year. The classes enable students to vastly improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. This learning process takes place in a friendly, stimulating and dynamic learning environment.

These courses are also a great opportunity to meet people, and become friends with students from diverse countries, cultures and backgrounds.

Native Spanish students and international students also interact via a language exchange service. This exchange service allows you to practice the language you are learning with a native speaker outside class time, reinforcing the knowledge and language skills acquired in the classroom.

Additionally, CLM offers internationally recognised teaching courses to those who aspire to become Spanish, English, French, German or Italian teachers.



When deciding where to learn Spanish, you often have to weigh up different pros and cons, like the location, or the teaching quality. But why compromise, when there is a place that offers you everything you could possibly wish for?

  • Granada - a warm and welcoming city - where foreign students can feel safe, at home and can make friends easily.

  • Granada – a city bursting with culture and history - topped by the breath-taking Alhambra palace and the stunning historic quarter known as the Albayzín, both of which take you back in time, and have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Granada – a lively and bustling university city - a staggering 80,000 students study at the UGR. Granada has a population of approximately 240,000 people, meaning that 1 in every 3 inhabitants is a university student. This means the city if full of energy and exciting activities.

  • Granada - a multicultural city - approximately “X” students at the UGR come from international backgrounds, giving rise to a cosmopolitan city which is full of life and diversity. Over 2,000 Erasmus students from Europe alone choose to study at the UGRevery year, making it the number one Erasmus destination in Europe.

  • Granada – the home of CLM, an internationally renowned language centre - CLM is accredited by the Cervantes Institute, which provides the only internationally recognised accreditation system for Spanish language teaching. To find out more about why 8,000 international students choose to study Spanish at CLM every year, click here.

Expert and Professional Teaching Staff

In order to guarantee the highest quality in language teaching, we carefully select our teaching staff. Our teachers, many of whom teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the UGR, are world-class experts in the field of language teaching. Moreover, we provide them with excellent teaching resources, facilities and academic support to ensure they reach their full potential as educators. They regularly attend teacher training sessions to further their professional development and ensure their methodology and materials are the most up-to-date in the field of language teaching.

All teachers at CLM have a university degree, have completed comprehensive teacher training courses and have ample teaching experience. Many have also completed PhD programmes, carrying out extensive research in Spanish linguistics. INCLUDE LINK TO SPANISH TEACHERS PROFILES.

Quality Assurance and International Accreditation at CLM

On an annual basis, an external evaluation company assesses the quality of teaching being delivered at CLM, the contents of the different courses offered, and the quality of management and services at the centre. It also assesses the facilities and resources on offer at the school. INCLUDE LINK

Language programmes at the Centre are officially recognised by innumerable universities throughout the world, thanks to the many bilateral agreements maintained by the UGR with foreign universities. This ensures that students can obtain official recognition for courses studied at CLM in the form of study credits.

CLM is part of the Cervantes Institute Network, the worldwide Spanish language and culture organisation, which only accepts centres that meet the quality requirements established by the Cervantes Institute. The Cervantes Institute provides the only internationally recognised accreditation system which focuses specifically on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Thus, excellent teachings standards are guaranteed at CLM.



The Centre offers the following Spanish language courses on a regular basis:

Spanish language courses:

  • Intensive Spanish Language Course (CILE)

  • Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Courses (CILYC)

  • Spanish as a Foreign Language Course (CELE)

  • Optional January Course (CCE)

  • Spanish Language and Culture Course (CLCE)

  • Hispanic Studies Course (CEF)

Foreign language courses:

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Arabic

  • Japanese

  • Catalan

  • Romanian

  • Swedish

(Please note: All courses at CLM comply with the content description set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) )


Culture, Sports, and Events at CLM

At CLM we offer an eclectic mix of cultural activities, trips and excursions, and sporting events. These activities are open to all members of the CLM community (students, staff and partner programmes) They are specifically designed to reinforce the student’s cultural and linguistic immersion, allowing them to put what has been learnt in the classroom into practice. To mention but a few activities, we organise flamenco concerts, theatre workshops, magic shows, poetry recitals, conferences, film screenings, and wine and olive oil tasting sessions - the list is endless.

Guided tours and visits around Granada

Expert guides take you to spectacular monuments, buildings and places of interest in different parts of the city, explaining the history, legends, traditions, customs and art that define Granada.

Excursions and trips

Tours of the most historically and culturally rich towns, cities, and attractions that Andalusia has to offer, ranging from visits to stunning and quaint villages in the province of Granada, such as the Alpujarras, to lively and larger towns and cities farther afield like Seville and Cordoba. To view the CLM Events Guide for this month and for coming months please click here.

Sports activities

CLM has a committed team of sports staff who organise competitions, activities and courses. They also provide comprehensive information about the University of Granada’s sports facilities.


CLM provides an accommodation service to help its students find the most comfortable and suitable place to stay while attending classes at our centre. The options range from flat-shares, apartments, students halls, and home-stays to hotels and guesthouses. Skip to accommodation services.


students in the modern lenguages center at the UGR university

Language Exchange Service

The Language Exchange Service is free of charge for CLM students. It is designed to facilitate contact between our students, giving them the opportunity to practice their language skills whilst enriching their understanding of each other's cultures. Students from over 50 different countries enroll on language courses at CLM every year.


The CLM Library

The library is part of the UGR library network, meaning that CLM students can enjoy direct access to the same outstanding services and catalogues as other UGR students. Containing 8,900 volumes, the CLM library has been specially stocked with teaching and learning materials that are adapted to the needs of all students and the courses they are studying.

The Spanish as a Foreign Language section is one of the most extensive in existence. Among the various subjects in this collection, the sections on Spanish art, history, geography and culture are noteworthy. Additionally, the video library contains a vast range of Spanish language films and documentaries. The centre also boasts multimedia rooms with over 40 computers, language learning programmes and printers.



CLM has its own Accommodation Service, which is open to all students enrolled at the Centre. Students can choose the type of accommodation which best suits them from a wide range of options (hotels and hostels, living with a local family, student residences, apartments, flat-shares etc.)



Students have free WiFi access in CLM and University of Granada buildings.

Available networks:

  • cviugr (Unsecured network, no encrypted communication, and no additional software installation required)

  • eduroam (Secured network with encrypted communication, the use of which requires additional software installation)

If you already use the EDUROAM WiFi network at your home university or college (in any country), then you can use it directly at the Modern Languages Centre and in UGR buildings without having to configure or install any additional programmes.


Medical insurance

Students from the European Union are advised to bring their E111 or E128 European Health Insurance Card in order to use the public health system in Spain. Students from outside the European Union can request medical insurance via CLM.


University refectories & coffee shops

As a student at CLM, you have access to the University of Granada's refectories and coffee shops. The UGR has 4 main refectories and 13 cafés, all of which are subsidised by the University and are spread out across the city, serving you quality food and refreshments at very reasonable prices. The lunchtime daily special menu (el menú del día) includes a three course meal and drink for just €3.50. Additionally, a take-away collection service is also available so you can dine in the comfort of your own home.


CLM student card

As well as allowing you to gain access to the UGR's refectories and cafés, the CLM student card gives you access to the University Sports Centre obtain discounts in shops, on concert tickets, and sporting events.


Our Language Centres

CLM is housed in two magnificent buildings, both located in the charming historical quarter of the city known as the Realejo, once the Jewish district of the city. The first and largest centre is housed in the Santa Cruz Palace, a marvellous 16th century palace which was fully restored to its original splendour in 1992.

The second centre is housed in the majestic Huerta de los Ángeles Mansion (include PHOTO TOUR). The beauty and warmth of these impressive historical buildings is coupled with the most up-to-date learning facilities, resources and equipment.

Contact details:


Entity Modern Laguages Centre (CLM)
Address Placeta del Hospicio Viejo s/n
Telephone (Monday to Friday only) (+34) 958 215 660
Fax (+34) 958 220 844