Language courses

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You can learn Spanish and other languages alongside the 8,000 local and international students who enrol each year on courses offered by the UGR’s Modern Languages Centre, Confucius Institute (Chinese), and “Russkiy Mir” Russian Centre (Russian).

The Modern Languages Centre (CLM) is one of the leading institutions in Spain for language learning. Teaching staff are highly qualified, the administrative team is dedicated and effective, and the Centre boasts a wide range of services, a wealth of learning resources and endless extracurricular activities.

CLM offers general and intensive Spanish language courses for international students and staff at all levels (A1-C2); language and culture courses; and Hispanic studies courses. It also offers courses in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Romanian, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Polish and Czech.

It employs a thoroughly communicative approach, ensuring students can learn and practise languages in real-life situations. Native Spanish students and international students can also interact via a language exchange service. This exchange service allows you to practice the language you are learning with a native speaker outside class time, reinforcing the knowledge and language skills acquired in the classroom.

All courses at CLM follow the guidelines set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Moreover, CLM is part of the Cervantes Institute Network of Associate Centres, the most prestigious global institution in Spanish language teaching. The Cervantes Institute provides the only internationally recognised accreditation system that focuses specifically on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Thus, excellent teachings standards are guaranteed at CLM.

Spanish courses offered at CLM:

  • Intensive Spanish Language Courses (CILE)

  • Spanish as a Foreign Language (CELE)

  • Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Courses (CILYC)

  • Spanish Language and Culture Course (CLCE)

  • Hispanic Studies Course (CEH)

CLM also offers a language exchange service and regularly runs an eclectic mix of cultural activities, trips, excursions, and sporting events.

Modern Languages Centre (CLM) website

The Confucius Institute of the University of Granada (ICUGR) is a non-profit educational organisation that was set up in 1987 in collaboration with Peking University and the Confucius Institute Headquarters (also known as Hanban). The goal of the Institute is to promote the study of Chinese language and culture, support Chinese teaching internationally, and facilitate cultural exchanges. In order to achieve this objective the Institute offers Chinese language classes at various levels, trains teachers, offers HSK examinations (official Chinese language exams) organises conferences on current affairs in China, runs a Chinese Film festival, and holds seminars and workshops on Chinese culture, history, literature and thought.

The Confucius Institute offers standard, conversation, and intensive language courses, as well as courses for children and teenagers — all of which are taught by experienced native teachers who employ innovative educational materials. These courses are open to both members of the university community and the public.

The Institute works closely with other national and international Confucius Institutes, as well as the prestigious Asian Studies Standing Seminar at the UGR.

Confucius Institute website

The "Russkiy Mir" Russian Centre of the University of Granada promotes the study of Russian language, culture and history. The Centre offers an extensive range of language courses (A1-C1 levels) and regularly holds concerts, film screenings, conferences, book launches, and talks view a view to exploring current affairs, historical debates, and contemporary Russian culture.

"Russkiy Mir" Russian Centre