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Donations made to the University of Granada impact both our institution and our wider community, helping to address our most pressing needs. We are extremely grateful to everyone who supports us by making a donation, whatever the amount.

With your contribution, more students can complete their studies, our research teams can continue conducting their cutting-edge work, and the University will have the resources to hold on to its talent. In short, the University of Granada will maintain its position as one of the benchmark institutions in the field of higher education in Europe.

You are entirely free to choose where your donation goes and our service is completely transparent. Our donations service also allows you to avail of important tax breaks.

Throughout history, patronage has been fundamental to ensuring that the spheres of the arts and sciences have had the necessary funding to conduct their activities and promote socio-economic development.

Your donation will enable many students, especially those with limited financial resources, to continue their studies. It will help researchers from diverse disciplines to continue making significant advances. It will prevent so-called “brain drains” and enable our institution to hold on to its most talented individuals. And, moreover, it will enable the UGR to continue operating as one of the leading universities in Spain.

  • Transparency

  • The opportunity to appear in the public registry of persons or organisations collaborating with the UGR through their donations

  • Public recognition, via the dissemination of the funded activities, which will indicate the people and entities who have made contributions to their development, as well as an annual public event in which the UGR Rector and the Governing Council will publicly acknowledge those who have made donations to the UGR

Through the information we publish on our web, on social media, and in our monthly news bulletin, you can monitor the evolution of the project to which you are contributing, as well as the broader impact that this project is making. Moreover, you can also request specific information about any project by emailing

Donors can receive tax relief of up to 75% and companies can receive up to 40% (which can be increased by 5% if the donation is aimed at University research programmes and official master’s degrees).

To learn more about making donations to the University of Granada and explore the full range of projects currently seeking funding, please visit