Academic calendar for undergraduate students

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The academic calendar establishes the time frame for the wide variety of academic activities that take place at the University of Granada throughout the year. It also includes national, regional and local holidays when the University is closed, which are marked in red.

Generally speaking, in the Spanish higher education system, as well as ordinary assessment periods (in Spanish: convocatorias ordinarias), there are “extraordinary” assessment periods (in Spanish: convocatorias extraordinarias), which are additional assessment periods. It is important to note that extraordinary assessment periods are not “resits”. Rather, students can opt to submit work or sit exams for each course during the “ordinary assessment period” or the “extraordinary assessment period”. For instance, you can choose to submit your undergraduate dissertation during the ordinary assessment period (the deadline is normally in June) or during the extraordinary assessment period (the deadline is normally in July).

Each faculty and school at the UGR employs one of the following two academic calendar models:

  • Open semester model (Semestres abiertos): UGR faculties and schools employing the open semester model only have one extraordinary assessment period for both semesters, which is held after the second semester ordinary assessment period.

  • Closed semester model (Semestres cerrados): UGR faculties and schools employing the closed semester model have two extraordinary assessment periods; one at the end of each semester, following each respective ordinary assessment period.

For the year 2018-2019, all academic calendars are based on the following premises:

  • In line with the UGR Assessment Policy and Regulations (Normativa de Evaluación y Calificación de los Estudiantes de la Universidad de Granada) approved by the Governing Council on 20 May 2013 and last modified on 26 October 2016, assessment procedures, exam dates and deadlines may vary from one degree to another. Please consult the academic calendar approved by your faculty or school for the specific exam dates and assignment deadlines that apply to you.

  • The academic year is divided into two semesters lasting approximately 18 weeks each.

  • All academic calendars include a revision period, which will take place before the beginning of each semester’s ordinary assessment period, so that you have enough time to prepare properly for your final exams.

  • All examination sessions and assignments in the extraordinary assessment period will be held no later than 5 July 2019, although your faculty or school can choose to extend this deadline to 12 July 2019.

  • Deadlines for the submission of marks by teaching staff (for both the ordinary and extraordinary assessment periods) are set in the calendar. Marks from the ordinary assessment period must be sent to you at least 7 days before the extraordinary assessment period begins. Teaching staff are also required to send you your final marks for each course within no more than 20 calendar days following the final examination session.

  • Exams may take place on Saturdays during the assessment periods, although only when completely necessary.

It is important to bear in mind that:

Undergraduate Dissertations (TFGs) and Work Placements (Prácticas Externas) can be assessed during both the ordinary and extraordinary assessment periods. Teaching staff must submit the final marks for both of these courses by the following deadlines, for both the ordinary and extraordinary assessment periods (respectively):

  • Open semester model: 12 June (ordinary assessment period) and 19 July 2019 (extraordinary assessment period)

  • Closed semester model: 26 June (ordinary assessment period) and 19 July 2019 (extraordinary assessment period)

The deadline for submission of Undergraduate Dissertation and Work Placement marks by teaching staff may be extended until 13 September 2019. However, an extension will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and must be authorised by the Vice-Rectorate for Teaching and Learning.

For comprehensive information on the academic calendar please consult the following document: