International Women’s Day at the UGR (8 March)

Fri, 03/08/2019 - 14:32
A large group of women, including the Rector of the UGR, students and staff, posing for a photo,

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8 March every year. This year, diverse events have been organised to underscore the historical inequality affecting women throughout the world and promote the protest activities that are undertaken to achieve greater equality. Moreover, to enhance awareness of the work done by women every day, diverse social organisations across the globe have called on women to strike. With their absence in the workplace strongly felt, the aim is to highlight the work overload taken on by women and the lack of recognition they receive.

The University of Granada is firmly committed to the motives for staging the strike and work stoppage, and unequivocally condemns violence against women and the discrimination they face both in the labour market and during their professional careers. Accordingly, appropriate measures have been taken within the regulatory framework to ensure that the constitutional right to strike, stop working or work at the UGR on the 8 March is guaranteed.

The University will run a broad range of activities to raise awareness about the importance and meaning of International Women’s Day. A rally will take place at 11am at the Hospital Real — the seat of the Rectorate of the UGR. As part of the mass meeting, the Vice-Rectorate for Social Responsibility, Equality and Inclusion, Teresa Ortega, will present the manifesto titled ‘CRUE Spanish Universities: Towards Full Equality for Men and Women’ (“Crue Universidades Españolas, por la plena Igualdad de Hombres y Mujeres”). The Worker’s Commissions (CCOO) and General Union of Workers (UGT) trade unions will also take part in the event.

The UGR’s commitment to tackling the inequality and violence that women have been subjected to throughout the course of history is further reflected in the diverse activities it has organised for the month of March. These activities include talks, debates, training courses, a theatre production, a film series, concerts, four conferences, four round tables and a photography exhibition. During the events, artists, researchers and experts from all knowledge areas will play a fundamental role in drawing attention to the talents of women, as well as their demands for equality. These activities aim to encourage critical reflection within the heart of the university community, provide a space for sharing achievements, and highlight the obstacles that prevent us from achieving full and genuine equality between men and women.

To explore the full range of activities that will be held at the UGR in March to mark International Women’s Day please visit the following link (in Spanish):

International Women's Day 2019