Undergraduate Degree in Social Work

Social work is the professional and academic discipline that seeks to improve the lives of people in need through care, research, community outreach, and policy management, to mention just a few areas. Social workers ensure that vulnerable people, including children, adults and elderly people, are safeguarded from harm.

Our Degree in Social Work trains students to become professional and competent social workers, specialising in any field they wish. At the UGR, we have one of the most prestigious social-work centres in Spain, third from a list of thirty two in the ranking of universities that offer these studies. The study of social work at the UGR dates back to 1962, when the discipline was first introduced. Our highly qualified teaching staff have a great deal of experience teaching and researching in this field.

This four-year degree is composed of four learning stages: basic subjects, core subjects, a compulsory 30-credit internship programme, and elective subjects. The internship options are varied, and as a student on our course you can choose from a long list of organisations and centres. Contents in the subjects include areas of knowledge such as law, psychology, sociology, social work, anthropology, economics, information and communication technology, social services, social structures, health, and ethics.

Our graduates acquire the skills and training required to work in a number of different fields in society. Moreover, competent social workers are highly sought after in today’s labour market. Our students often go on to pursue a career in the public social service system, working closely with marginalised individuals and communities within society. They also find work in the justice system, as well as in the private sector, from large companies with their own social services schemes to NGOs operating in diverse fields.

Social workers exist in order to help the most vulnerable, giving them the chance to improve their quality of life. As such, they are an invaluable asset in contemporary society.

ECTS Credits 240
Duration 4 academic years (September/October to June each year approximately)
Start Date Autumn
Language Spanish
Tuition Fees €757 (approximately)
Application Period June – September (approximately)
Offered by Vice-Rector’s Office for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching
How to apply Please visit the Applications and Admissions Section