Undergraduate Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science

Physical activity and sports science is a constantly evolving discipline, continuously informed by advances in the health and social sciences. One of our primary objectives during the degree is to explore the evolution, characteristics, and benefits of diverse physical activity and sports. We also provide excellent training on how to effectively teach people about the benefits of physical activity. Experts in this discipline are vital for the well-being of our society, as they are the ambassadors of physical activity, an essential element which increases our quality of life.

On our Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science, our students learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become leading professionals in the field. They come to understand why physical activity is vital for our wellbeing, and are fully qualified to teach how to exercise properly, avoiding injury.

The University of Granada was the first university in Spain to offer a degree in this field, which is why our Faculty is one of the most prestigious centres teaching this discipline in the whole of Spain, with highly qualified teaching staff, recognised both nationally and internationally for their teaching and research. The geographical location of Granada also allows our students to become competent in any sport they choose, as both mountain and aquatic sports can be easily practised (the Sierra Nevada mountain range is next to Granada and the coast is only 40 minutes by car).

This four-year degree consists of four learning stages: basic training, core subjects, a compulsory 12-credit internship programme and elective subjects. Subjects on this degree include contents in areas of knowledge such as, biochemistry, biomechanics, sports history, sports, physiology, sport sociology, games, statistics, physical training and sports training control.

Our graduates are trained to work in many different fields. They can become instructors in many sports and physical activity centres, physical education teachers in schools and high schools, sports trainers, physical coaches in gyms and other fitness centres, or directors in sport events.

Physical activity is vital for our health and well-being, as countless scientific papers now demonstrate. Experts in this field teach people how to properly take care of their bodies, so that they have a healthier lifestyle and can live longer and better. Our society is now beginning to understand the essential nature of physical activity, but there is still a lot of work to be done in order to make our society healthier. Professionals in this field are vital to achieve this goal.

ECTS Credits 240
Duration 4 academic years (September/October to June each year approximately)
Start Date Autumn
Language Spanish
Tuition Fees €757 (approximately)
Application Period June – September (approximately)
Offered by Vice-Rector’s Office for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching
How to apply Please visit the Applications and Admissions Section