Undergraduate Degree in Food Science and Technology

Food science is the application of basic sciences and engineering to the physical, chemical and biochemical nature of foods and food processing. It implies studying the properties of foods, food quality and safety, the causes of deterioration in food quality, the principles underlying food processing and preservation, the improvement of foods available to public consumers, and the correlation between food and health.

As a student on our degree, you will study subjects in the following areas: chemistry, mathematics, economics, biology, statistics, physics, physiology, food engineering, food science, nutrition, biotechnology, the food industry, dietetics, technology, microbiology, toxicology, hygiene, public health, specific legislation and business management.

Our graduates are qualified to work in a number of fields: Management and quality control of foods and food processing, Product and process development and innovation, Food processing, Food safety, Legal, scientific and technical consultancy, Strategic management in the food industry, Collective catering, Public health and nutrition, Commercialisation, communication and marketing, Teaching and research.

ECTS Credits 240
Duration 4 academic years (September/October to June each year approximately)
Start Date Autumn
Language Spanish
Tuition Fees €757 (approximately)
Application Period June – September (approximately)
Offered by Vice-Rector’s Office for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching
How to apply Please visit the Applications and Admissions Section