Vice-Rector for Academic and Research Staff

Prof. Pilar Carrasco Carrasco has been a Senior Lecturer in Algebra since 1989 and a University Professor since 2012. Her research focuses on category theory, homological algebra and homotopy theory. She has participated in several research projects funded through the National MEC Plan and has been a director of a leading Regional Government of Andalusia research group. Her research results have been published in prestigious academic journals included in the Science Citation Index.

Throughout the course of her distinguished career at the University of Granada, she has held several influential positions, including as Deputy Director of the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (2009-2013). She has been a prominent member of the Editorial Board in the area of experimental sciences at the UGR Press since 2008. Additionally, she is a member of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (Real Sociedad Matemática Española), the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Topology Network (Red Española de Topología or RET), and the Research Council of the Math Institute of the University of Granada (IEMath-GR).

Address: Hospital Real. C/ Cuesta del Hospicio, s/n. 18071
Telephone number: 958 247916
FAX: +34 958 243068

Pilar Carrasco Carrasco