Governance structure

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The University of Granada’s governance structure and constitution have been developed in accordance with the highest standards of rigour and transparency in order to uphold the ethos and principles of good governance in higher education. As is the case with all public institutions, we have a duty to manage our affairs in an open, transparent and responsible way.

The University of Granada prides itself on being a well-managed institution which is fully accountable to our stakeholders. Moreover, we are firmly committed to the principles of academic freedom, equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity; values which are thoroughly reflected in our University Statutes.

The University of Granada’s governance structure consists of different governing bodies, including the Governing Council, University Senate, Social Council and Electoral Board, as well as the governing councils and boards at the UGR’s Faculties, Departments, Schools, and Institutes. All of these governing bodies are represented on the Governing Council.

The Governing Council is the University’s supreme governing body, responsible for establishing our overall strategic direction and academic mission, as well as the procedures for their implementation. The Council ensures that our different systems, structures and rules are appropriate and fit for purpose, that all members of the University community fulfil their legal obligations, and that their rights are respected.