Vice-Rector for Equality, Inclusion and Social Commitment

Mar Venegas Medina
Mar Venegas Medina

Born in Granada in 1979, Mar Venegas Medina holds a European Doctorate in Sociology and a specialist postgraduate course in Gender and Equal Opportunities from the University of Granada. She is a Senior Lecturer (Profesora Titular) and has been teaching in the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology and the Faculty of Education since 2006. A researcher at the Women's and Gender Studies Institute, her areas of expertise include education, gender and sexuality, youth, diversity and social inclusion.

Dr Venegas Medina has obtained recognition for 2 sexenios (six-year research periods), accredited by the National Commission for the Evaluation of Research Activity (CNEAI) and has authored some forty articles in high-impact journals in her field, as well as more than twenty books and book chapters with prestigious national and international publishers. She has participated in more than twenty competitive research and knowledge transfer projects, nearly half of which she directed.

She has carried out research stays at the University of Manchester (United Kingdom); the Institute of Education at the University of London (United Kingdom); l’Observatoire Sociologique du Changement at Sciences Po Paris (France); and l’Université de Montréal, Quebec (Canada).

She has also carried out teaching mobility periods at l’Université Jean-Monnet Saint-Étienne (France); the HAN University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands); and the University of Porto (Portugal). She has been a member of the teaching staff of the Diploma of French and European Studies at Sciences Po Lyon (France) and is the coordinator and author of different publications focusing on teaching.

She has held several management positions including both Deputy Director and Director of the UGR's Department of Sociology (2014-2020 and 2020-2023, respectively); Co-Director of the Official Postgraduate Certificate in Equivalent Pedagogical Training and Didactics at the International University of Andalusia (2015-2023); Deputy Director of the Revista de Sociología de la Educación-RASE (ISSN 2605-1923), which is the first Spanish journal on the Sociology of Education (2016-2022); and Secretary of the Spanish Association of Sociology of Education (ASE) (2014-2016). She also co-designed the Master's Degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory and Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Language Teaching for the International University of Andalusia (2022). She is a founding partner of "CITERE. Estudios Sociológicos", a UGR spin-off dedicated to sociological studies that has received several awards and special mentions since its creation in December 2022.