The University of Granada offers Higher Education Lecturing Accreditat

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 14:08
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The University of Granada is pleased to announce that the Higher Education Lecturing Accreditation (HELA) exam, which is aimed at lecturers who teach in English or other foreign languages, will now be available to academic staff at our institution. The HELA test is offered at no cost to UGR academic staff, providing them with the opportunity to accredit their language competencies for the purpose of teaching in a foreign language.

The HELA test is the first of its kind to be offered within the framework of the new UGR Protocol for Teaching in Foreign Languages, approved by the UGR Governing Council on 21 July 2017. This Protocol is designed to promote initiatives aimed at increasing the number of courses and educational pathways conducted in foreign languages, especially English, while at the same time ensuring the academic quality of such practices.

The UGR will offer these exams, developed by the University of Vigo, with a view to helping teachers meet the established requirements for teaching in a foreign language. Two HELA exam sessions will be offered over the course of this academic year. The first session is designed for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree lecturers who will start teaching in a foreign language during the first term. The second session will take place in the spring. The HELA exam has two parts: the first (from 25 September to 28 September) consists of an oral test in which lecturers must present a sample of the teaching materials they use in class. The second part (6 October) consists of a written test in which participants must present or complete different exercises related to teaching in a foreign language.

The new Protocol also sets outs three other ways in which UGR lecturers can fulfil the minimum language proficiency requirements. Firstly, lecturers can accredit their level with a C1 (or higher) qualification in a foreign language, in accordance with the CEFR. In exceptional circumstances, a B2 qualification will be accepted, provided the lecturer has already agreed to obtain a C1 (or higher) qualification before each term begins. Secondly, teaching experience in English or other foreign languages can be accredited as long as this experience was gained while the lecturer was working at a higher education institution on a full-time basis for a minimum period of one year, or equivalent. Lastly, proficiency will also be accredited if lecturers are native speakers of the foreign language in question.

A limited number of places are available. Successful candidates will receive specific information regarding the oral part of the test beforehand.

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Carmen Caballero Navas

Director for Language Policy

Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization