Three UGR degrees awarded prestigious international quality labels

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 11:13
4 UGR representatives holding the quality label certificates

As part of the III Conference on International Quality Labels in Spain and Latin America, which took place on 19 June at the headquarters of the Spanish Institute of Engineering, the University of Granada received prestigious quality accreditation certificates for three of its degrees. In particular, both the Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and the Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering obtained the international EUR-ACE Label (European Accredited Engineer), while the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science obtained the international Euro-Inf Quality Label.

The EUR-ACE Label acts as an accreditation system framework, establishing a common set of standards and criteria in order to identify high-quality engineering degree programmes in Europe and beyond. The label is only awarded to engineering degrees that are officially accredited by authorised quality assurance and accreditation agencies in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Meanwhile, the Euro-Inf Quality Label is awarded by the European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education (EQANIE) to undergraduate and master’s degree programmes that adhere to the Euro-Inf Framework Standards and Accreditation Criteria. EQANIE employs two key assessment criteria, namely; the overall effectiveness of the qualification process and the extent to which the objectives of the programme are accomplished, i.e. whether the graduates on a programme achieve the intended learning outcomes.

The attainment of these prestigious international quality labels demonstrates the University of Granada’s compliance with rigorous international standards and criteria that are recognised by national and European employers.

The following University of Granada representatives attended the conference:

  • Juan Manuel Martín García, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning
  • Teresa Pozo Llorente, Director of the Quality, Innovation and Planning Unit
  • Montserrat Zamorano Toro, Director of the School of Civil Engineering
  • Joaquín Fernández Valdivia, Director of the School of Computer and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Antonio García Guzmán, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Economics and Technology (Ceuta Campus)
  • José Claudio Gil Reyes, Manager for Evaluation and Enhancement of Institutional Services

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