Preventive measures for face-to-face (on-campus) exams

Thu, 12/17/2020 - 18:13
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In order to carry out face-to-face (on-campus) exams in classrooms, the same preventive measures must be followed as during face-to-face teaching activities, in addition to some paper-handling recommendations, applicable in the case of written exams. These measures are summarised in the following points:

  • Mandatory use of face masks
  • Before entering the classroom you must wash your hands with soap and water and/or apply hand sanitiser gel to both hands.
  • Keep a safe distance by following the signs in the classroom.
  • The maximum capacity of the classroom is set at 50% of its normal capacity.
  • Ventilation:
    • If the weather conditions allow, windows and doors must remain open. At the beginning of the morning and afternoon sessions the classrooms are ventilated and disinfected. For this reason, ventilation is not necessary at the beginning of these sessions.
    • When cold weather conditions do not allow the windows and doors of classrooms to be kept open continuously, they will be kept open for 10 minutes every 50 minutes when being used.
    • In classrooms in which it is not possible to open windows due to their design — as they have central forced ventilation — the ventilation systems are programmed to renew the air so as to guarantee the hygiene conditions needed to tackle Covid-19.
  • Collection of exams:
    • 24-hour quarantine. It must be taken into account that the exams have been handled by students who have disinfected their hands. However, as an additional safety measure, it is recommended that students place their exams on the teacher's table. Once submitted, it is recommended that they be kept in an envelope, box or plastic bag, where they will remain in quarantine for 24 hours. Subsequent handling for correction does not require the use of any additional measures (such as the use of gloves).

Health and Risk Prevention Service (SSPRL)