Vice-Rector for Student Services and Campus Life

Juan Luis Benítez Muñoz
Juan Luis Benítez Muñoz

Born in Girona in 1973, Juan Luis Benítez Muñoz holds a Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology (2003) from the University of Granada and is a Senior Lecturer (Profesor Titular) at the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology. He has obtained recognition for 4 quinquenios (five-year teaching periods), focusing his teaching activities on undergraduate studies (Bachelor's Degrees in Early Childhood Education; Primary School Education; Social Pedagogy; and Pedagogy) and postgraduate studies (master's and doctoral programmes). His areas of expertise include the development of social and emotional competences in early childhood education, the prevention of antisocial behaviour, and the design, planning and assessment of intervention programmes.

In terms of his research activities, Dr Benítez Muñoz has participated as a full-time researcher in international research projects (2), R&D&I projects of the Spanish Government (5), regional-level Research Projects of Excellence (1), regional projects (3), teaching innovation projects (5), and research projects funded by private companies (2). He is a member of the Regional Government of Andalusia Research Group #HUM232 "Psychology of Intervention in Education" and the European project "Nature and Prevention of Bullying" (1998-2001). He is also an associate research fellow at the University of Minho's Institute of Child Studies (IEC). He is the author of several articles published in scientific journals (32), book chapters (28), and papers presented at both international conferences (45) and national conferences (12). He has obtained recognition for 1 sexenio (six-year research period), accredited by the National Commission for the Evaluation of Research Activity (CNEAI), in addition to 5 accreditations issued by the Regional Government. He has carried out research and teaching stays at the University of Minho (Portugal), University of Calabria (Italy), Goldsmiths (United Kingdom), University of Florence (Italy), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), University of Sassari (Italy), University of Vienna (Austria), University of Padua (Italy) and University of El Salvador (Argentina).

He has held various management positions including Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Education (Academic Organisation, Postgraduate Studies, and Research) (2011-2015), Director for Academic Guidance (2015-2017), Director of the Unit for Academic Guidance and Access to University at the Vice-Rectorate for Student Services and Employability (2017-2023), and Coordinator of the Arqus Alliance Programme (2019-2022).

  • Postal address: Espacio V Centenario. Av./ de Madrid s/n 18012, Granada.
  • Phone: 958 243 982
  • E-mail: @email