Vice-Rector for Outreach, Heritage and Institutional Relations

Margarita Sánchez Romero
Margarita Sánchez Romero

Margarita Sánchez Romero is a Professor (Catedrática) of Prehistory and was previously Vice-Rector for Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability (2019-2023) at the University of Granada. She held the position of Director of the Women's and Gender Studies Institute at the UGR between 2008 and 2010, and from 2010 to 2012 was General Director of Cultural Heritage of the Regional Ministry of Culture of Andalusia. She has also held the post of Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Granada (2015-2019). Prof Sánchez Romero has been a member of the Technical Committee of the Archaeological Site of the Dolmens of Antequera since 2015, and of the Board of Trustees of the National Archaeological Museum since 2022.

Her research interests include women in archaeology and gender relations, the study of everyday life, the body and care, and the archaeology of childhood, with a special interest in the processes of learning and socialisation, all within the context of late prehistorical societies in the southern Iberian Peninsula. She is the Principal Investigator of the research group HUM065 GEA: Material Culture and Social Identity in the late Prehistory of Southern Iberia, which focuses on the study of diet, mobility, identity, hybridisation and resilience in megalithic societies. She has excavated at archaeological sites such as the megalithic necropolis of Panoría (Darro), Cerro de la Encina (Monachil), Motilla del Azuer (Daimiel), Los Milanes (Abla) and Peñalosa (Baños de la Encina).

She has carried out research stays and teaching mobility periods at the Universities of Bergen (Norway), Helsinki (Finland), Durham and Cambridge (United Kingdom), Havana (Cuba), Los Lagos (Chile), the National Universities of Comahue and Luján (Argentina), and the Autonomous University of Puebla (Mexico).

Prof Sánchez Romero is interested in the relationships between archaeological heritage and society, especially in terms of the communication of science. In collaboration with other women lecturers and archaeological heritage managers, she has developed the Pastwomen project, a website that aims to increase the visibility of research on women and childhood in archaeology and history. She is also a contributor to the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation (RTVE) history programme El condensador de fluzo (Channel 2). She is the author of the book Prehistorias de mujeres (Destino, 2022).

She has received the UGR Social Council Award for Young Researchers (2006), the University of Málaga's "Carmen de Burgos" Feminist Dissemination Award (2019), and the Granada - City of Science and Innovation Award (2019). She is a full member of the Science division of the Royal Academy of Noble Arts of Antequera.