Vice-Rector for Outreach

Since 2009, Prof. Victor Jesús Medina Flores has been a Professor at the Department of Painting of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Since his arrival to the University of Granada in 1997, his teaching and research interests have mainly focused on the areas of conservation and restoration, especially the restoration of mural paintings and preventive conservation.

Moreover, he has participated in several R&D competitive projects related to the restoration of colour in architecture and the study of chromatic coatings, particularly in Islamic architecture. He has held the position of Principal Investigator on seven projects funded by the MEC and the Regional Government of Andalusia. He has supervised diverse doctoral theses and published more than 40 articles in world-renowned journals.

With regards his professional experience, he has participated in major projects related to the restoration of mural paintings, including frescos of Lucas Jordan, Carreño, and Rizi, and has supervised other important projects in Qasr Amra (Jordan), “la Casa de Zafra” (Granada) and “el Corral del Carbón” (Granada). He also acted as a consultant in the restoration works of decorative elements in the “Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo”. Furthermore, he participated in preparatory studies of “La Madraza” (Granada) and the “Reales Alcázares de Sevilla”, as well as well as in the restoration of mural paintings from Ancient Rome in Cástulo.

Prof. Medina Flores has a great deal of experience in the area of university management, having held influential positions such as Secretary of the Department of Painting (1990-2003), Coordinator of the Master’s programme in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets (2001-2004), and Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts (2008-2015). During his term as Dean, he advocated for the inclusion of further academic training in the arts and for the incentivisation and promotion of research activities in the fine arts and humanities. He is currently Director of the UGR Master’s programme in Museology (since 1999).

Address: Hospital Real. C/ Cuesta del Hospicio, s/n. 18071
Telephone number: +34 958 243014

Victor Jesús Medina Flórez