The UGR establishes development cooperation programme with Lomé

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 13:49
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The University of Granada recently launched an innovative development cooperation programme with the University of Lomé (Togo). The programme, conceived and drawn up by the UGR’s Centre for Development Cooperation Initiatives (CICODE), has been approved for funding by the Andalusian Agency for International Development Cooperation (AACID).

A delegation from the Togolese University recently visited the UGR in order to gain a deeper understanding of how mobility programmes are managed at our University.

The University of Granada is currently carrying out an international development cooperation project with the University of Lomé (Togo), the objective of which is to strengthen the management skills and practices of this partner university in relation to mobility programmes (of which it is also a beneficiary) and especially the Erasmus+ KA107 programme.

The project has been funded by the Andalusian Agency for International Development Cooperation (AACID) and is divided into two training phases. The first phase, developed at the University of Lomé campus between the 19th and 23rd June 2017, was designed to train the participants — primarily Academic and Research Staff and Administrative and Support Staff from the University of Lomé — in the effective management of international mobility programmes.

The second phase has recently been developed at the University of Granada, with the objective of demonstrating, from an eminently practical perspective, how mobility programmes are managed at the UGR, both at the International Relations Office and the UGR’s faculties and schools. With a view to achieving this objective, a delegation from the University of Lomé visited the UGR, led by Kafui Kpegba, Second Vice-President of the University of Lomé, and made up of 10 academics and specialists from this partner institution.

Togo is a West African nation in the Gulf of Guinea that borders Ghana, Benin, and Burkina Faso, with a population of approximately 6 million inhabitants. Primarily relying on a subsistence economy, its Human Development Index (HDI) is among the lowest in the world. The country has two public universities, the largest of which is found in Lomé, the capital, and has approximately 40,000 students and is affected by a great shortage of resources.

Over recent years, the UGR has developed diverse cooperation projects in Togo which have yielded excellent results and have been met with a positive reception by the beneficiaries and the University of Lomé alike.


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