Remote teaching tools and teleworking methods

Sun, 03/15/2020 - 22:27
Covid 19

As a result of the suspension of all on-site activities at the University of Granada (both teaching and administrative), the Rector’s Office for the Digital University, in liaison with the Monitoring and Coordinating Committee responsible for tracking the current epidemiological situation triggered by COVID-19, has adopted a series of measures to ensure continued operation of services at the University, for the duration of this exceptional period.

The centres reporting to this Office—the Resource Production Centre for the Digital University (CEPRUD) and the Computer and Communication Networks Centre (CSIRC)—have selected a range of tools and procedures that enable staff to continue performing their academic and administrative functions as effectively as possible.

The selection has been made with the following aims:

– To facilitate adaptation to remote, off-site teaching settings. All affected groups (both staff and students) will be provided with good-practice remote-teaching guides and online training courses.

– To provide the necessary resources to support remote, off-site teaching, as the most suitable means of providing a continuous academic service, including classes and tutorials. In order to ensure that the period of adaptation to these teaching tools is as short as possible, the simplest and most useful tools have been selected, along with their respective tutorials, user guides and multimedia support materials.

– To provide mechanisms to facilitate teleworking, based on procedures that enable remote access to work stations and training in the use of collaborative remote communication tools for the purpose of meetings, should these be necessary.

All these materials will be made available to the whole university community from Monday 16 March, via the UGR website.

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