New electronic resources made available via the UGR Library website

Mon, 03/23/2020 - 11:42
A laptop

New electronic resources offered by a wide range of providers and publishers have been made available via the UGR Library website. Access to the resources is unrestricted, although they will be available for a limited period only. This measure aims to enhance the resources available to our library users in these difficult times owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. A VPN connection is needed to access these resources.

Available resources

  • Editorial Médica Panamericana (publishing house).
  • Ingebook, which offers free access to its entire e-book collection for 30 days through the platform.
  • JoVE, which will be available until the COVID-19 pandemic ends.
  • JSTOR, which will provide free access until the COVID-19 pandemic ends.
  • ProQuest, which features a number of databases that are now available through the UGR Library for 30 days.

Databases by knowledge area:

Science and technology

  • Agriculture Science Database
  • Biological Science Database
  • Engineering Database
  • Materials Science Database
  • Military Database
  • Science Database
  • Telecommunications Database

Economics and business

  • Asian & European Business Collection
  • Business Market Research Collection Research


  • Research Library

Communication and news

  • Canadian Newsstream
  • Global Breaking Newsstream
  • International Newsstream
  • U.S. Newsstream


  • Consumer Health Database
  • HealthCare Administration Database
  • Public Health Database
  • Wiley: COVID-19 Resources for Educators, Researchers, and Professionals.
  • Wolters Kluwer: COVID-19 Information Resources and Tools for Healthcare Professionals.

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