Guidelines for students on the correct development of remote assessment exercises

Thu, 06/11/2020 - 13:44
A finger pointing at a list of taks

The University of Granada has published a series of guidelines, which are available in English and Spanish, to ensure that both our students and teaching staff are aware of the steps involved in the different types of remote assessment exercises employed at our University. These instructions and guidelines distinguish between the three phases involved in the assessment process; namely the preparation, development and completion of the exercises, highlighting the steps to be followed in each phase.

Specific instructions and guidelines for STUDENTS on each type of exercise (available in English and Spanish)

  • I - Objective tests – Question papers on the “PRADO EXAMEN” Assessment Platform
  • II - Oral exercises
  • III - Written exercises (essays, problem solving, case studies, practical cases, etc.)
  • IV - Submission of tasks and assignments on the Platform for Teaching Support Resources (PRADO) or Google Drive (portfolios, mind maps, practicums, recordings, productions, reports, journals, theoretical work, summaries, etc.

Moroever, our Protocol for Technical Issues in Remote Assessment Exercises is now available in English.

These guidelines have been established in accordance with the Instruction of 20 April 2020 from the University of Granada's Secretary's Office on the application of data protection regulations in the use of digital tools; and in accordance with the Contingency Plan for Off-Campus Teaching, Learning and Assessment at the University of Granada, approved by the Governing Council in an extraordinary session on 17 April 2020. Furthermore, they are in line with the Resolution of the Rector of the University of Granada of 4 May 2020 on the processing and protection of personal data in remote assessment exercises.

For further information please visit the UGR's Covid-19 Action Plan website: