Acto de Toma de Posesión del Equipo de Gobierno
Mon, 07/10/2023 - 13:37

The University of Granada Governing Team takes office

On Friday 30 June, the University of Granada Governing Team took office during a ceremony held in the "Patio de los Mármoles" Courtyard of the "Hospital Real" Building — the seat of the Rectorate of the UGR. The event was presided over by the Rector, Pedro Mercado Pacheco, with the outgoing Rector, Pilar Aranda Ramírez, also in attendance.

from left to right: Professor Dorothy Kelly (Coordinator of the Arqus Alliance and Vice-Rector for Internationalization at the University of Granada), Professor Patrick McCole (Vice-President International at Maynooth University), Professor Eeva Leinonen (President of Maynooth University), Fernando Galán (Arqus Executive Manager).
Tue, 01/24/2023 - 11:52

Arqus welcomes Maynooth University as a new full member of the Alliance

Maynooth University joins the Arqus efforts towards building a forward-looking, open, integrated and research-driven European University, building transformative excellence with and for all. The Arqus Coordinator and the Arqus Executive Manager made the first official visit to Maynooth University on 20th January.

Forest affected by a megafire in Sweden in 2014. Planting conifers at a high density over large areas increases the risk of fire propagation
Tue, 12/20/2022 - 12:29

Experts warn: Planned reforestation vital to prevent spread of wildfire

An international group of experts, led by the University of Granada (UGR), has signalled the need for carefully planned reforestation on a worldwide scale—and not simply in terms of planting as many trees as possible but, rather, planting specific species that can help curb the propagation of wildfires and that are able to re-sprout following fire damage. The experts have shared their views in an open Letter published in Science, one of the world’s most prestigious journals dealing with scientific matters.