European Diploma Supplement (DS)

A square academic cap beside a university diploma

All official master's degrees at the University of Granada have been adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Upon successful completion of your master’s degree at the University of Granada, you can request a European Diploma Supplement (DS) to accompany your degree. The Diploma Supplement is free and enhances the recognition of your academic qualification abroad, making it easier for you to gain access to employment and study opportunities in other countries.

What is the European Diploma Supplement (DS)?

The European Diploma Supplement (DS) is an official document that accompanies a higher education diploma — including master’s degree diplomas — providing standardised, detailed and personalised information about the qualification you have obtained, including the type, level and content of the studies, as well as the professional skills acquired.

The Diploma Supplement is issued by universities in line with standards set by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO, and is also a Europass tool.

Specifically, the Diploma Supplement indicates the following information:

  • the holder of the qualification

  • the academic qualification obtained

  • its level and function

  • the contents and marks obtained

  • official certification of the supplement

  • details of the national higher education system concerned, provided by the National Academic Recognition Information Centres (NARICs)

  • any additional information that is relevant to your qualification.

How can I obtain the Diploma Supplement from the UGR?

As long as you have successfully completed your master’s degree at the University of Granada and have paid the corresponding fees for the issuing of your degree certificate (the Diploma Supplement is free), you can request the supplement.

You must complete and submit the following form Application form for European Diploma Supplement to the International School for Postgraduate Studies.

Once we have verified that you have paid the fees for your degree certificate, we will send you a draft of the European Diploma Supplement so that you can check the personal and academic information if contains — correcting any possible mistakes — before we send you the final copy.

The Diploma Supplement must be collected by you in person, or by a person authorised by you in writing, from the International School for Postgraduate Studies.

In the event of loss, theft or deterioration of the original copy of your Diploma Supplement, it is possible to request a new copy, upon payment of the corresponding fees, from the International School for Postgraduate Studies.

The Diploma Supplement is intended to support the recognition of degrees, providing a common framework to translate qualifications across higher education systems within the EU. However, under no circumstances can the supplement be used as a substitute for your degree diploma, your academic transcripts or your CV.