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Attending classes at one of the seven campuses of the UGR (five in the city of Granada, one in Ceuta and Melilla), studying at one of their libraries, discuss with your teachers and colleagues, prepare reports and seminars, conduct practices in the laboratories of the UGR, collaborate with research groups, participate in field studies, internships, eating with friends in the dining halls, take the food or dinner through the take-away service, apply for a scholarship, connect to the Internet through WiFi in all campuses and facilities of the UGR, stay in some of the university residences, a course of tennis, a conference, the pool, tango lessons, advantage of discounts on public transport, an informative lecture, going to the psychology cabinet, a course of ski, participating as an actor in a play, join a student association, the movies forum, participate as a volunteer in an NGO, receiving language classes, riding by bike between campuses,… are some of many academic activities you can do as a student of the University of Granada.

Granada is a city where thousands of students live and, in order to ensure that finding accommodation is not a problem, the university has an Accommodation Management Office that will offer you several alternatives: high schools, university residences, student flats, accommodation with elderly people and hostels or boarding houses.

  • Accommodation Management Office
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 14.00
  • Av. de Madrid s/n Edificio V Centenario, 18071
  • Phone.958 244 072 - @email

The University Dining Room Service offers daily, in its various locations, good quality menus at a very reduced price, complete with a lunch and dinner service to take away. On its website you can consult every Monday the menu of the week.

  • Campus Dining Room Fuentenueva: C/ Doctor Severo Ochoa s/n
  • Dining room of the Cartuja Campus: Emperador Carlos V University Residence.
  • Aynadamar Campus Dining Room: School of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications (ETSIIT)
  • Dining room of the PTS Campus in the Health Technology Park
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 1.00 p. m. to 3.30 p. m.

Information regarding qualifications, subjects, timetables, teachers and academic aspects: You can consult the "Student Guide" on the web page of each

You can also view the academic offerings and subject programs at:

As well as
For international students:

  • Each Faculty and School has its own Office of International Relations (ORI), where you can manage almost everything related to academic matters.
  • Study agreement: It includes the subjects that you are going to study at UGR, as well as the subjects that will recognize you when you return to your home university. The person in charge of its signature by the UGR is the academic responsible for the International Relations of your Faculty or School.
  • Enrolment: You must register for the subjects listed in your study agreement at your Faculty or School of the UGR according to the indications given in the ORI of your Faculty or School. Modifications to the study agreement can be made as long as they have been approved by the academic responsible and places are available in the new subjects.
  • Certificate of arrival: it will be signed at the ORI of your Faculty or School of the UGR on your arrival at the University of Granada.
  • Final certificate of stay: it will be signed at the ORI of your university or school of the UGR once you finish your stay in the UGR.
  • Qualifications: the ORI of your Faculty or School will send them to you once they have been recorded in your file. You can consult them through the Identified Access.

It is very important to ask for your password or personal code (PIN) when you register at your Faculty or School. With this code and your ID card or passport number, you will be able to access a wide range of services from the Virtual Office or Identified Access available on the website: Some of these services are:

  • consult your academic record access to the directory of your subjects consult the teaching board,
  • processing of the takeaway service of university canteens
  • college bus pass application.
  • registration in courses or sports activities.
  • email

Once you have created an e-mail account ( through the virtual office, with your new e-mail address and password, you will be able to access the University's wifi (available in all the University's buildings), as well as receive useful information about the University of Granada. The available networks are:

  • cviugr, with basic access without password, and
  • eduroam, identified access for use in multiple universities worldwide. More information

Modern Language Centre: Without a doubt, studying languages will open many doors to your universal future. The Centre for Modern Languages at the University of Granada offers students courses in German, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Russian or Swedish. As well as Spanish for international students. In addition, you can benefit from special prices for university students. It also organizes an official online exam of Spanish (eLade) and other languages such as English, French, etc.

The Confucius Institute offers you the possibility of studying Chinese language and culture through courses offered throughout the year.

Russkiy Mir Russian Language Centre offers Russian language courses from beginner to advanced level.

  • Confucius Institute and Russian Centre Russkiy Mir
  • Avenida Constitución, 18 (Edif. Elvira) bass
  • Contact: -
  • -

The Al-Babtain Chair of Arab Studies at the University of Granada offers, together with the Centre for Modern Languages (CLM) and the Euro-Arab Foundation for Advanced Studies, four-monthly Arabic courses of 60 hours of different levels.

Sports Activities Centre (CAD): it provides the university community with quality sports facilities, courses and sports competitions. Through the university's CAD you will be able to practice all kinds of sports activities: athletics, swimming, mountaineering, skiing, hiking, canoeing, etc.

You can apply for the CAD courses through the access identified in the section "Courses and High Sportsmanship". You can pay for your CAD courses with a debit or credit card through the access identified in the "UGR Payments" section.

  • Sports Activities Centre (CAD).
  • Campus Campus Universitario de Fuentenueva - Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 8:30 pm.
  • Campus Campus Universitario de Cartuja - Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm.

Vice-rectorate of University Extension: is responsible for the organisation and coordination of the cultural activities of the UGR, among which the university cinema club and the Centre for Contemporary Culture of the UGR La Madraza stand out. -

University Cultural Centre "Casa de Porras": maintains an intense cultural activity through workshops, exhibitions, concerts, social gatherings and conferences, among other activities

Calendar of the day, week and month: You can find out about the cultural events organised by the University of Granada: conferences, workshops, exhibitions, cinema, theatre, concerts...

Fact Sheet: This is a weekly newsletter that includes all the latest news about cultural activities, scholarships, employment and internships, courses, prizes, etc. You will receive it every week in your e-mail address of ugr and you can download it at:

Access the list of all the university associations registered in the UGR through the following link:

You can contact the delegation of students from your school

Among all the associations for foreigners, the ESN (Erasmus Student Student Network) is one of the most important ones, which aims to integrate and interrelate new university students of all nationalities through trips, exchanges, cultural events and many other activities.

  • ESN (Erasmus Student Network)
  • -

UGR Solidaria aims to connect the university community with society through voluntary initiatives promoted by the university community or in collaboration with NGOs in our area. Know all the volunteer opportunities you have at your disposal in UGR Solidarity

The Centre for Employment Promotion and Internship at the University of Granada offers you a Professional Guidance and Information Service aimed at job placement. It is a free and free access service, managed by professionals of the labour orientation, through which you can receive personalized advice.

At the beginning of each academic year (mid-October), a conference is organised in which all the possibilities offered by the University of Granada are shown. It is a good opportunity to get first-hand information from the university staff and to make your first contacts.

Do you know our International Week?

During the same period, and for foreign students or students who want to go abroad, the Vice-rectorate of Internationalization organizes, for two days, the International Week, an event that aims to be a meeting point between students who have made or are making a mobility and those who are thinking of requesting it, so that those interested in going to exchange can know the advantages of enjoying an experience of international mobility, as well as knowing first hand the strengths of each destination. If you would like to volunteer to promote your home university, please do not hesitate to write to, indicating in the "Subject": International Week.

Buddy Mentor Program

The main objective of the program is that the international student who comes to study at UGR during an exchange period can find support from the beginning of his or her stay by contacting one of the UGR Mentors, who will guide and provide support before and during his or her stay.

This initiative aims to help international students and facilitate their cultural, academic and linguistic integration in their new country and host city.