Regional Development Institute (IDR)

Regional Development Institute (IDR)

The Regional Development Institute (IDR) conducts world-class research in areas directly related to local and regional development, as well as in specialised teaching methodology within the discipline. The Institute was founded with the goal of forging a closer bond between the UGR and society, both regionally and locally. One of our centre’s key aims is to make significant contributions to the socio-economic development of both Granada and the Autonomous Region of Andalusia.

At the centre, we focus on the concept of development in the broadest sense of the word, incorporating the economic, social, and human domains. We emphasise the importance of the UGR’s involvement in key strategic areas, such as territorial problems, the region’s natural resources, financial planning, and incentives related to decentralisation. Stressing the importance of these key areas is fundamental for the region’s development, especially in light of Spain’s relatively recent integration into the European Union and the political reforms which the country has undergone over the past few decades.

Moreover, the unique geo-political and socio-economic nature of Western Andalusia has called for the creation of an Institute which works closely with public institutions and the private sector, as well as other UGR research institutes, departments, and centres.

We are actively involved in the following lines of research:

  • Development:
    • Local development
    • Rural development
    • Regional development and policies
  • Territory:
    • Urban planning
    • Landscape, the environment, and sustainable development
    • Planning and management of protected natural areas
    • Geographical information systems and cartography
    • Metropolitan areas and regional development
  • Population:
    • Population and territory: migration and ageing
    • Inequality, space, and quality of life
    • Labour markets
  • Economics:
    • Services and development
    • Tourism and development
    • Financial systems and regional development
    • Innovation and territory

We are also fully committed to promoting the research conducted by staff and students at the Institute, ensuring their key breakthroughs and research developments are published in leading academic journals. Likewise, we develop doctoral programmes informed by the latest research developments in the field.

To learn more about our institute, activities, research groups, and upcoming events, please visit The Regional Development Institute (IDR) Homepage .