Mind, Brain and Behaviour Research Centre (CIMCYC)

Mind, Brain and Behaviour Research Centre (CIMCYC)

At the Mind, Brain and Behaviour Research Centre (CIMCYC) at the University of Granada, we are committed to conducting pioneering and highly innovative research in psychology. We strive to make key breakthroughs in understanding the causal relationships between the mind, the brain, and human behaviour.

Some of the world’s leading experts in the discipline of psychology work at our centre and carry out groundbreaking research, employing a variety of classical methodological procedures combined with cutting-edge neuroimaging techniques. The centre is also home to the UGR’s Magnetic Resonance Unit (MRI), the most advanced neuroimaging system in southern Spain.

Revealing the mental processes of the brain, understanding how they influence human behaviour, and how behavioural problems relate to deteriorating mental functions, are commonly pursued objectives at our centre.

A diverse range of research groups are present at the centre, encompassing the disciplines of clinical psychology, health psychology, human development, applied psychology, higher cognitive functions and social interactions. Over 250 researchers are active in these research groups. We also work on collaborative projects with over 50 international research groups.

We are fully committed to the goal of making positive contributions to society and helping to improve public wellbeing, by promoting knowledge transfers and practical applications of our research developments.

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