Guide for International Researchers

The title page of our Guide of International Researchers

In 2019, our Working Group for HRS4R developed a comprehensive Guide for International Researchers (in English and Spanish). This guide is designed to help researchers from all over the world, and their families, with the process of relocating to Granada and developing their careers at the UGR. It provides a detailed overview of the research landscape in Granada and covers an extensive range of topics, including:

  • Working conditions at the UGR

  • Social security and welfare

  • How to obtain an invitation letter from the UGR

  • Labour regulations and legislation

  • The International Welcome Centre (IWC)

  • Visa and residence permits

  • Healthcare and insurance

  • Taxes

  • Recognition of degrees

  • Professional development

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Accommodation options

  • Family matters and schooling

  • Banking procedures

  • Funding opportunities

  • An A-Z of UGR services

  • Information on Granada (cost of living, local customs, accessibility, etc.)

View or download our Guide for International Researchers:

Guide for International Researchers (EN)

Guía para Investigadoras e Investigadores Internacionales (ES)