Institute for Migration Research

Institute for Migration Research

The Institute for Migration Research was founded in 2009 with the primary goal of conducting world-class research in the field of migration studies, both nationally and internationally. Over 80 teachers and researchers are involved in our research groups, and they come from a broad range of academic disciplines, such as education science, law, philosophy, the humanities, psychology, politics, sociology, translation and interpretation, and social work. By pooling their skills sets and knowledge, they are able to conduct pioneering multidisciplinary research, exploring a multitude of issues within the field from an array of multidimensional perspectives. The research groups found at our Institute are as follows:

  • Experimental and applied behavioural analysis

  • Psychosocial analysis of human resources in organisations

  • Andalusia, the EU, and the social welfare state

  • Sociological and linguistic aspects of multiculturalism and social integration in Andalusia

  • Political science and administration

  • The EU community and private international law

  • Labour laws and labour relations

  • Law and social welfare

  • Educational development in the Andalusian community

  • Socio-spatial inequalities

  • Discrimination and stigma: psycho-social aspects

  • Cooperative studies and management

  • Psycho-social studies and methodology

  • Philosophy, rhetoric and aesthetics

  • Contrastive English-Spanish Grammar

  • Innovation and improvements in the Andalusian Education System

  • Social problems in Andalusia

We are also actively involved in running a number of prestigious masters and doctoral programmes at the UGR. Additionally, we strive to encourage healthy debates in society concerning topics directly related to migration studies, by means of holding conferences, seminars, and public debates.

At the Institute, we are fully committed to promoting our researchers’ work, ensuring that key research developments are published in leading academic journals.

To learn more about our centre and find out more about our research groups, projects, research areas, and other current activities, please visit The Institute for Migration Research Homepage.