• At the UGR we are firmly committed to promoting culture and the arts. In order to achieve this fundamental goal, we encourage both the university community and the general public to develop, and participate in, cultural activities.
  • The final of the 3 Minute Thesis competition will be held today, 19 March 2018 at the University of Granada and will be chaired by the Rector, Pilar Aranda.

The International Seminar on Translation and Accessibility in Heritage (SITAP) will take place in Granada between the 14 and 16 March 2018. It will include the participation of the Directors of the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) and the Royal Academy of Arts (London), who will present groundbreaking international projects from their institutions. They will be joined by experts on audio description in cinema (Game of Thrones), opera (Royal Theatre), accessibility in theatre and museums, as well as by specialists in the latest accessible technologies, including developers of applications for people with disabilities (Movistar S5). The event will come to a close with a signdance performance.

UGRTerm is a bilingual (Spanish-English) database containing the official nomenclature of the University of Granada. The creation of this resource database, pioneering in the context of Spanish and Latin American universities, was proposed by the Directorate for Language Policy, part of the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization, as a response to the need to systematically manage university terminology.

  • International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8 March every year. 2018 is especially important within this context, providing us with stark reminders of the historical inequality affecting women and bearing witness to concerted actions around the world to achieve equality.
  • The UGR’s Doctoral Schools run highly practical course—the first of its kind in Spain—to enable doctoral candidates to give effective interviews about their research.
  • The workshop includes practice sessions on a television set and in a radio studio.

The Bilingualism Matters organisation, which focuses on bilingualism research and dissemination, will inaugurate a new branch at the University of Granada on Friday 23 February.

CIMAS, the 1st International Congress on Mountains, which will be held in Granada from the 8 to the 10 of March 2018 and will be chaired by King Felipe VI of Spain, aims to promote economic sustainability, ecological diversity, and respect for the environment in mountainous regions.

  • The Confucius Institute, which this year commemorates the 10 year anniversary since its founding at the University of Granada, will run a diverse range of activities to mark the beginning of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog) on Friday 16 February.

Focusing on African people as generators and drivers of knowledge and as agents of their own social transformation, the event will also pay homage to some of the pioneers of African studies from the Iberian Peninsula.