UGR Library provides access to 172 databases, 59,000 electronic journals and 900,000 e-books

Jue, 19/03/2020 - 10:49
Library bookshelves

The UGR Library currently provides our university community with an excellent e-lending service, which can be accessed via a VPN connection. Over 172 databases, 59,000 electronic journals and 900,000 e-books are available through this loan service, which could be very useful during the coming days of confinement.

This digital library features several collections which are aimed at covering the most relevant and sought after bibliographies and materials for students, including:

  •, which features over 100,000 e-books in Spanish from all knowledge areas.
  • Ingebook, which comprises over 2,000 e-books on engineering, science and architecture. This collection includes a number of basic manuals for students of these disciplines.
  • Tirant Virtual Library, which features almost 5,000 e-books in the field of social sciences.
  • ClinicalKey Student, which encompasses 150 e-books in Spanish in the field of health sciences.

In addition, the Library's collection of electronic reference works provides access to a wide range of online dictionaries and encyclopaedias in different subject areas.

Electronic Resource Service

Moreover, the UGR Electronic Resource Service will continue to provide support and advice to the users of these services via a suggestion box and the following email address: @email

Teaching and research support tools such as reference management software and the Turnitin plagiarism checker will continue to function as normal.

The DIGIBUG Institutional Repository of the UGR will also continue to run normally for consultations and allow teaching and research staff to archive their documents. DIGIBUG features a database of 47,776 full-text documents which are accessible to everyone without the need for a VPN connection. It allows UGR researchers and teaching staff to store their research work and make it visible worldwide.

Documents available for consultation in DIGIBUG include:

  • Research papers
  • Journals
  • Antiquarian book collections
  • Teaching materials
  • Institutional documents

For any queries regarding DIGIBUG or doctoral theses, please contact our service by email: @email and @email.

Further information is available at