INPROF Web Server

The INPROF (INterrelation of PROtein Features) web server provides an useful tool to retrieve several metrics and information about the relationship (similarities) among a list of proteins. The web server retrieves interrelation data about a wide number of heterogeneous properties (called Categories) like sequences, domains, secondary/tertiary structures or ontological terms. Also, metrics can be obtained taking into account these categories in the alignment of the protein sequences. Up to 54 different metrics can be calculated from this web server to interrelate sets of proteins (See Help page for details).

1. Provide protein identifiers or sequences in FASTA format:

OR choose your own file:

2. Select advanced options:

How to use this tool

1. Enter a list of proteins in the text area. This list can be provided by the UniProtKB entry name or accession number in different rows, for example:
or in FASTA format including protein sequences (See example). A file with this information can also be uploaded.

2. Configure the alignment tool and feature categories you would like to use to interrelate your proteins (See "More options..."):

  • Alignment tool: An alignment of the protein sequences in the query can be optionally performed. This alignment allows to compute additional metrics by analyzing the alignment of common features among proteins. Three well-known alignment tools are now available for this option: ClustalW, T-Coffee or Muscle.

  • Categories: This section allows users to configure the properties (category) they would like to take into account to interrelate proteins. Metrics calculated from these selected categories will be specifically computed (the number of outputs depends on these categories).

3. Click Submit to send your query.

4. A table with values for the metrics associated to the selected categories of your proteins is provided. This table can also be downloaded in a tab-separated file.

5. A detailed description of each metric is provided in the following link Feature Description.

6. The INPROF web server can be called from programming languages like Python, Perl or R. See a Python example script here.

7. For any additional information, questions or reporting bugs, please contact