In this section we wish to share critical ideas with sense of humor about cognitive neuropsychology research. We like RT methodology but we are also conscious of the limits. We respect the reviewing process of the international journals but it can be updated and better alternatives can be searched and offered…

Here you can see a tentative list. From time to time (every month) we will develop some of these ideas.

  1. For example about the reviewing process of a ms: speed of the process, the referees’ crazy comments (inconsistent or no-useful comments, bad understanding of the article, unclear acceptance conditions…).
  2. Sometimes the reviewers accept a ms with a good methodology about nothing or a replication, but ideas are rejected. Sometimes creativity is killed after the reviewing process. The unbalanced contrast of hypothesis between idea and data.
  3. I would like to edit a journal with rejected articles (to evaluate their quality) and their revisors´ comments (to evaluate their quality).
  4. About research: Some of the Doctors that I know love ideas, but only their own ideas and hate others ideas. They live in a world of friends (persons who share my ideas) and enemies. They believe in some ideas, theories or analysis like a monk or a soldier with exclusiveness. But we like to talk or read persons with different ideas and to share and shift ideas without vanity and prejudice (about concepts, theories, hypothesis, methodologies, analysis…).
  5. About the limits of RT methodology :
    1. The confusion between ideas (hypothesis and theories) in one side and tasks and mental image technology in the other side.
    2. Are RT tasks non-useful for clinic neuropsychology? Or for the study of P-consciousness? Or for applied cognitive psychology?...
  6. About the cognitive psychology of attention: I see the same questions for ever (following Allport´s arguments: Are they wrong questions?): Stimulus selection related or response selection related -late or early-, automatic or controlled processing…. Are RT tasks useful to build up a theory about information processing?

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