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Our current research interests:


1. Cost of shift of mental set [read more].

- Random versus regular shift of mental set.

- Non residual cost: Implications of the central executive in the mental set reconfiguration

- Residual cost: The response cued completion hypothesis or response negative feedback to complete the mental set reconfiguration.

- Practice and instructions manipulation effects.


[What is shifting of mental set?]


2. Focusing in Decision making and Reasoning:

- Modus Tollens versus Modus Ponens difficulty.

- Cost of shift of mental set in a landing task with a flight simulator of Boeing 747.

- Cost of shift of mental set in financial contexts.

- Why vote intention tests are a bad predictor of the results of a general political election?

- LPSA (Latent Performance Semantic Análisis in microworlds).

3. Attention neuropsychology and executive function

- A single case study in hemineglect.

- A single case study in neural bases of stuttering.

- A single case study in dys-ejecutive syndrome.

- A group study in multiple sclerosis.

- A group study in passive deliriums in Schizoprenia.


Concepto, metáforas, modelos y bases cerebrales de la atención Evaluación de la atención Función ejecutiva.
Conjunto de procesos que subyacen a la conducta dirigida a meta y flexible
Neuronas espejo

4. Consciousness

- A single case of conceptual synesthesia (in course by Milan). Our studies showed that in a person with synesthesia (but no in the control group), there is cost of shift of mental set between the following two tasks: task 1, to indicate wether a number is odd or even. Task 2, to indicate the colour of the photism of the number (written always in black).

- A single case of blind colour synesthesia.


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