Our team is formed by researches interested in attention for action, attention rehabilitation, attention in reasoning and consciousness…We all share our concern for investigating the mind from a cognitive perspective. Our main lines of research are (see Research lines):

A. Cost of shift of mental set: Experimental studies with Reaction Time methodology (RT) [read more]

B. The application of cognitive science research to enhance learning, reasoning.
With new methodologies: We use RT in contexts where it is non usual (like reasoning); The experimental paradigm of task shifting (that represents a development of the RT experimental tasks to study sequential effects). We also employ Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) to performance (LPSA) in the contexts of microworlds; Subjetive Dependent Variables…

- In collaboration with Sergio Moreno – Granada University-, Orlando Espino and Carlos Santamaría –Tenerife University-, Alex Pereda – Dublin University- and Jose Quesada –Warwick University, UK-.

a. Mental set reconfiguration in the context of Mental Models Theory.

b. Decision making in real situations like political elections or financial contexts.

c. Problem solving in dynamic situations (Microworlds, LPSA, Flight simulators…).

C. Attentional rehabilitation: overall single cases in neurodegenerative diseases, neglect, hyperactivity…

- We offer a service of attention rehabilitation and training to students in the Clinic Unit of the Psychology Faculty of Granada University (mail: sapsico@ugr.es).

- We collaborate with different Hospitals and Universities like Centro de Día del Hospital Universitario de Tenerife, The Neuropsychiatry Institute of Praga, with Padova University (Department of General Psychology), with The Neuropsychology Rehabilitation Service of Miguel Perez in Granada University and The Neurology Service of Hospital of Traumatología in Granada.

- We also collaborate with different ONGs related to Brain Damage like GRADACE (Granada Daño Cerebral, and we keep in touch with FEDACE).

D. Consciousness: Synesthesia and creativity. See our section Brain Art and some chapters of our book “The puzzle of the brain: Consciousness”.



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