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Teacher of the Departament of Experimental Psychology. University of Granada.

Research lines

  • About Cost of shift of mental set and consciousness (synesthesia).

  • Attentional rehabilitation.

  • Focusing in reasoning and decisión making.


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Selected articles

Experimental study of phantom colors in a color blind synaesthete


I am at least two persons, Emilio Gómez or Emilio Milán, in my articles. I am an amateur writter of tales and I like islands. I teach Motor Processes (I love sport Psychology) and Theoretical Psychology (Psychology of Consciousness)

Photo of Emilio, 10 years later
Ten years later, 2012.

Room: 210
Phone. 034-958-240665
Fax: 034-958-246239
Email: egomez@ugr.es

Emilio as seen by his wife.

Emilio as seen by his 4-years old nephew Silvia.

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