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Download and installation

cspace10126.exe Available Files (please, read Installation instructions and requirements before downloading):




 0.8 MB

non-64 bits version of Windows: Version is Zip file.


 0.8 MB

non-64 bits version of Windows: Version is 2.00.205. Rar file.


Installation instructions and requirements

To install CSpace:

Click the link in the table above to download the file to a local folder in your computer. Once it has been copied to your hard disk, extract it in a folder of your choice (e.g., C:\...\CSpace2) and, if desired, create a direct link to the .exe file that you can allocate in your desktop.


NOTE FOR USERS OF 64 BITS VERSION OF WINDOWS: Set "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" in the compatibility properties of file cspace.exe. It should work...


To run CSpace you need:
Minimum recommended configuration:

Regional Settings (**important**):

Multiple versions

You can keep previous versions installed, if desired, but do not install the packages in the same folder.

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