VIII SHRIMP WS Travel and Lodging

Travel information:

● Granada has a small airport, 18 km away from the city center. It has good

   connections with Madrid, Barcelona, and London

● From Granada airport to the city center there is a bus, but the most convenient

   way is by taxi (about 25€ the ride)

● Malaga international airport is located about 115 km from Granada. There are

   flights to and from all major European cities. It is well connected by bus to


● The most sensible idea for most of you would be flying to Madrid and then

   connect to Granada either by airplane, high-speed train (AVE), or bus.

● Air tickets to and from Granada are cheap if you book them in advance, but they

   become notably more expensive as the flight date approaches. Currently there are

   two flights a day from Madrid and one from Barcelona. Check the connection time.

● The AVE is very comfortable. It departs from Atocha Train Station and goes to  

   Antequera, where a bus connects with Granada Station. You do not

   have to worry about the Antequera-Granada bus ticket. It is included in the AVE

   ticket to Granada. The travel takes in total less than 4 hours. Barajas-Madrid

   airport and Atocha Train Station are connected by metro. AVE tickets can be

   purchased here.

● The bus connection can also be very comfortable if, and only if, you take the ALSA

   bus, EUROBUS or PREMIUM class. These are non-stop very comfortable buses. It

   takes about 4:30 hours from Madrid South Bus Station to Granada Bus Station.  

   Other buses are not so comfortable and stop several times. Barajas-Madrid airport

   and the South Bus Station are connected by metro. Info can be found here.