● Registration begins on April 1 and ends on July 15, 2016.

Fees for attendees:

Include all meals (except breakfast), social acts, field excursion, abstracts book and documentation.

     •     Early registration fee (April 1 to May 31): 450 €

     •     Late registration fee (June 1 to July 15): 500 €

Fees for acompanying persons:

Include the same as for attendees except coffees, beer and tapas, abstract book and documentation. The field trip to Ronda can be substituted for a visit to Malaga city and the Picasso Museum.

     •     Fee (April 1 to July 15): 400 €

Payments must be done by bank transfer to the account:

Iban: ES2404873000722000055486


Name: University of Granada

Bank: Banca Mare Nostrum

Bank address: Plaza Villamena 1, 1870 Granada, Spain

A receipt (no fiscal information required) or a fully fledged Tax Invoice will be issued on request upon payment.

Visa requirements:

● Spain is a Schengen country. The list of countries whose nationals need a visa for

   entry in Schengen space is here

● If you need a visa, let us know when you register. Once registered we shall

   send you an invitation letter