VIII SHRIMP Useful Information


● Late summer. It will be dry and sunny, with temperatures around 25 ºC (max)

   and 15 ºC (min). Occasional storms may happen, but they are infrequent

Currency and banking:

● Euros. No other currency is accepted. Change must be done in banks or in ATM

   machines. The exchange rate is always the official one. There are a few private

   change offices, but the rate is likely to be higher than in banks

● Credit cards are accepted everywhere, even 1n taxis. ATM machines abound.

Street life and security:

● Granada is a safe city. If you do not look for problems, you hardly find them.

   Anyway, there may be occacional pickpockets in the most touristic zones.

● In the city center, especially around the Cathedral, you may find old gypsy ladies

   offering "for free" a small branch of rosemary or any other plant. Do not

   accept. If you do so, they will follow you asking for money. The same with people

   offering to clean your shoes

City transport:

● You hardly need transport. If so, taxis are cheap and easy to find. You can

    either call, ask the Hotel receptionist to do so, or just stop them in the street

Bars and restaurants:

● Granada is full of bars and restaurants.  We shall provide you with information

   in a specific document


● Spain time schedule differs a little bit from other European countries

● Lunch is around 14 h - 15 h, and  dinner is around 21 h - 22 h. However, most

   restaurants have a expanded time schedule, from 12:30 h at noon, and from

   20:30 h at night

● Big stores and some shops open from 10 h to 22 h

● Small shops open from 10 h to 14 h and from 17 h to 20 h

● Banks open to the general public from 9 h to 14:30 h


● Please, be aware that not everybody understand English. You can expect English

   speaking people at the hotels and some, but not all, restaurants. However, all of them

   have English menus