5 + 2 = green
(2 is yellow and two is red)

"Sinestesia: sentidos sin fronteras"
a Emilio Gómez Milán & Matej Hochel presentation, in Spanish
"AURA: Estudio experimental de colores fantasmas"
PDF presentation, by Matej Hochel (in spanish)

In our research group about the shift of mental set in Granada University, we develop a research line to explore the relationship between synesthesia and art (creativity). Below you can read to alphabet and numeric tables from a synesthete (Noelia) and a blind color synesthete (Rubén) –discover who is who-.

Synesthesia literally means union of the senses and is defined as the stimulation of one sensory modality by another (e.g. sound by vision). Noelia and Rubén appear to exhibit grapheme-colour association, the most common type of synesthesia, in wich synesthetes see black and white letters (graphemes) as coloured.

Tabla 1:

1 black
2 yellow
3 soft red
4 cyan
5 blue
6 pink
7 green
8 dark red
9 skin colour
A white
E green
I yellow
O dark red
U dark blue

· NOELIA is like a rainbow.
· Freedom is yellow, love is red.
· The bad smell is green
· The alarm ring is yellow


Tabla 2:

A green
E orange
I yellow
O dark brown
U dark blue
B red
C unknown
D red
F brown
G orange - yellow
H calmost white
J unknown

O black
1 white
2 red - brown
3 yellow
4 blue
5 red
6 pink - grey
7 unknown
8dark but unknown
9 dark grey
10 grey

I amarillo
V gris pálido
X blanco
L rojo
D rojo
M amarillo

The main problem of a blind color person (apart of to be blind to the green or red color) is to ignore exactly about what color you are talking about


Mental set reconfiguration and synaesthesia

Our main goal is to show that synesthetes can shift mental set easier than normals. A direct consequence of this is that synestehtes probably are more creative persons.

See our paper: Running head: exploring task set reconfiguration in synaesthesia. Endogenous mental set reconfiguration in a digit-photism synesthete


More information

"Sinestesia: la dulce melodía"
by Carolina Pérez & Emilio Gómez.
"La sinestesia: sentidos sin fronteras "
Matej Hochel Research Report

See sections brain art and the Spanish book: The puzzle of brain: consciousness. Chapter15.

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See also Experimental study of phantom colors in a color blind synaesthete. Journal of Consciousness Studies. (PDF)

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Additional illustrations: Isabel Bustamante