Courses - Civil Engineering Degree

Coastal Engineering (IngenierĂ­a MarĂ­tima y Costera)
  1. Introduction to coastal engineering
  2. Linear waves
  3. Wave generation, transformation and breaking
  4. Wave climate
  5. Nearshore hydrodynamics
  6. Coastal estructures: principles and regulations
  7. Rubble mound breakwaters
  8. Vertical breakwaters
  9. Coastal sediment transport
  10. Coastal morphology
  11. One-dimensional modeling of the coastline
  12. Shore protection

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Courses - Master Programme in Environmental Hydraulics

Littoral processes (Procesos litorales)
  1. Introduction. Sea level variability
  2. Energy balance in the nearshore region
  3. Nearshore circulation
  4. Infragravity waves
  5. Beach profiles and cross-shore sediment transport
  6. Longshore sediment transport
  7. Coastal morphology
  8. Beach morphodynamics I: shoreface and surfzone
  9. Beach morphodynamics II: beachface
  10. Beach morphodynamics III: wave-dominated beaches
  11. Shoreline modeling

For more information, visit Master Programme in Environmental Hydraulics (University of Granada).