The purpose of the Chair is to align with UNESCO's strategic objectives on climate change, the "Futures of Education" initiative or the MOST Programme.
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This Chair hopes to become in the future a reference for the promotion of activities, to contribute to creating knowledge and educating and communicating about climate change.
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Promotion of Sustainable Development as a fundamental tool for the preservation of nature and improvement of people's quality of life, involving institutional leaders and researchers.
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on Sustainable Development and Environment

This chair was created in 1991, focusing its activity on the promotion of educational and training activities on topics related to sustainable environmental management, and collaborating with numerous Latin American Universities. Now, in 2023, UNESCO renews the continuity of the Chair.
The main priority of the Chair is to align its objectives with the achievement of the SDGs, joining efforts with UNESCO's strategy regarding its mission to contribute to peace and security by strengthening cooperation between nations through education, science, culture and information.

Our collaborators

Coviran Foundation

Promotes research, education and training to meet the needs of society and food-related sectors, promoting commitment and sustainable and environmental business development.


We transform the way of doing business, promoting collaboration and enhancing cooperative systems as the basis for business success.

Cetursa Sierra Nevada S.A.

Promotes sustainable tourism and winter and mountain sports from the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, being one of the most accessible ski and mountain resorts for people with disabilities.