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Research Lines 

Research Lines

  • Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations

  • Dynamical Systems. Recurrence and Stability

  • Nonlinear oscillations of physical and biological models





Editorial Work 







  • Differential equations in Granada: a one-day workshop. Granada, September 17, 2013. pdf-file

  • Equadiff 13, Prague, August 26 – 30, 2013. Official web page.

  • "Qualitative Theory of Nonlinear Differential Equations 2013", on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Fabio Zanolin. Trieste, January 30-February 1, 2013. Official web page.

  • I Escuela en Matemática Aplicada (EMA I), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali (Colombia). Cali, October 8-13, 2012. Official web page.

  • Interdisciplinary Workshop On Quantum Mechanics and Dynamical Systems. Granada, October 8-10, 2011. Schedule pdf-file

  • Interdisciplinary Workshop on Periodic Oscillations, Granada October 20-23, 2009.  Schedule - abstracts - Official picture

  • Recent Trends on Nonlinear Science 2007 in Granada. www









Colaborations with colleagues around the World


Former PhD students

  • Daniel de la Fuente, Some problems on prescribed mean curvature and Kinematics in General Relativity, Univeridad de Granada,  June 2016. pdf-file

  • Manuel Zamora Clemente, Boundary value problems on di erential equations with singularities. September 2013. pdf-file

  • Alexander Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, Existencia y estabilidad de soluciones periódicas en ecuaciones con singularidades.  June 2012. pdf-file

  • Naeem Alkouimi, The number of limit cycles of a generalized Abel equation, Universidad de Granada,  October 2010. pdf-file

  • María José Romero Vallés, Propiedades dinámicas de un modelo con impactos: caída de granos sobre un perfil escalonado, Universidad de Granada,  November 2008. pdf-file


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