Pablo García-Sánchez

Academic page.

Projects I am working on.


This project I lead, PETRA (Prediction of Traffic Conditions using low-cost devices), is a project to monitor traffic using Bluetooth and Wifi. Several devices have been placed in roads in Spain and the MACs of the vehicles and users are monitored using Raspberry Pi devices to apply Big Data analysis.


OSGiLiath (OSGi Laboratory for Implementation and Testing of metaHeuristics) is an open source framework for Service Oriented Evolutionary Algorithms. It allows the creation of distributed meta-heuristics such as Evolutionary Strategies or Genetic Algorithms using SOA.


ANYSELF is a coordinated project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation with code TIN2011-28627-C04 that will run from Jan 2012 to Dec 2014. The project deals with self-adaptive, self-healing, self-monitoring properties in complex systems, and tries to leverage evolutionary algorithms for generating those features mainly in distributed computing systems.


CANUBE is an Open Science project funded by CEI-BIOTIC. It encourages the usage of open platforms for scientific workflows in different areas, such as astrophysics, mollecular biology or distributed computing.