Airport-Granada connection

There is a bus from Granada airport to Granada every time a plane lands and passengers take their luggage. Stops 2 and 3 of this connection are at the beginning and end of Avenida de la Constitución, respectively. Abba hotel is in the middle of this avenue.
Stops 4 and 5 are placed in Gran Vía. Participants staying at la Corrala de Santiago can use lines 32 or 34 and stop at Plaza Fortuny. Calle Santiago starts in one of the corners of this yard, and it is at about 50 m walking from the bus stop.
If you leave the bus at the Cathedral and go to Plaza Nueva, several buses (31, 32, 34) can drive you to Peso de la Harina, in front of the Carmen de la Victoria.
If you travel via Malaga or Almería airport, then there are buses connecting these airports to Malaga and Almería bus stations. From there hourly buses can take you to Granada bus station. Line 3 or 33 will drive you to Avenida de la Constitución and Gran Vía. So you can follow the steps described above.

Conference room

Talks will be held at Sala Eniac located in the north corner of the main yard of the Edificio Mecenas. The registration desk will be placed  by the entrance of this room.

Internet access

Edificio Mecenas and residences have eduroam access. There will be also a computer room available for those participants not bringing a laptop with wifi access (or for those comming from universities that are not members of eduroam).

Hotels nearby

The organizers can arrange your booking, subject to the agreement prices between these hotels and the Universidad de Granada. Please contact the organizers for further information


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