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Thermostructural precast block optimization for Argos

Finite element optimization of block geometry and chemical composition using genetic algorithms.

The novel thermal insulation principle is based on flow of external air through connected cavities inside the block.

The goal is to patent and mass-produce a slender precast block with better insulating and safety properties for construction.

A gas tank for Portinox-Renault

A calculation of the construction procedure, the optimal thickness, etc.

The novelty of the design consists in hydroformed steel to increase its yield stress and the double-toroidal shape.

The gas tank was computed to simulate a crash test.

Mounted on a gas-driven Renault Laguna.

Butane gas tank for Portinox-Cepsa

The novelty of the procedure is an iterative shape-optimization and building in hydroformed steel.

A tunnel in a dam

Located in Andévalo, Huelva, for Alejandro Castillo.

Seismic structure

Building "Mecenas II" (University of Granada). A structure with symmetrically disposed panels designed to resist earthquakes in the heaviest seismic spot in Spain: Granada.